Commercial and Large Property Lighting

Commercial Lighting Solutions

Professional landscape lighting is one of the smartest investments you can make in your commercial building. Not only can the right illumination boost your building’s image, create a pleasant environment and increase its security, but it can also be designed to endure for years with minimal upkeep and maintenance costs.


We can assist you with outdoor commercial lighting solutions for any of the following applications:

Signs: Help your business stand out with a well lit sign. We can even help you find a creative solution that makes your property stand out.
Fountains:Bring to light your beautiful water features with stunning lighting systems.
Campuses: Well lit walkways are safer and more appealing on any school or church campus.
Walkways: Keep your property safer with walkway lighting.
Parking lots: Lessen your business’ liability with parking lot lighting solutions.
Outdoor displays: Capitalize on your outdoor investments by portraying them in a good light!
Building fronts:A dimly lit or dark building front is a deterrent for customers and an invitation for vandalism. Talk to us about outdoor lighting solutions for commercial and business buildings.
Courtyards: Create more usable space in the evening by lighting your courtyards and outdoor gathering areas and more!